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Wealth Management

Fort Washington Private Client Group professionals share guidance and insights about essential wealth management topics, including an explanation of structured investments and why investors may be interested in them, the likely impact of tax reform, and ways to save for college. 
solar and wind energy

What Is Sustainable Investing?

While investment strategies are generally meant to achieve certain financial goals, they may also take into account the potential effect on society—and this is known as sustainable investing.
Wealth Management

Bitcoin Buyers Beware

Similar to the interest in gold after the great financial crisis, Bitcoin is generating attention. While Bitcoin does have some inherent attractiveness, several questions must be addressed to understand its long-term value.
Wealth Management
bull versus bear

Are Equity Markets Overvalued? A Look Back at Bull Markets Throughout History

Equity markets have bounced back from the initial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in the first quarter of 2020. Market recovery continues to date due to action from the Federal Reserve and Congress. Now, the focus moves to valuation and, in particular, if equity markets are overvalued.
Wealth Management
international currency

Revisiting the Case for International Diversification

Skepticism about international diversification has increased as correlations between U.S. and international equities have increased and U.S. stocks have outperformed materially. We examine whether these trends are likely to continue and what is a suitable international allocation for diversified portfolios.
Equities, Wealth Management
clock dial

Dialing Back the Downside

The market experienced record-breaking volatility in the first half of the year. Investment advisors are faced with a unique challenge: build portfolios that allow their clients to remain invested despite elevated volatility.  We offer three potential investment solutions.
Wealth Management
Structured Investments Opera House

Structured Investments: A Practical Portfolio Addition?

Fort Washington Private Client Group explains what type of investors may be interested in structured investments and how they use them in client portfolios.
Wealth Management
Structured investment introduction

Introduction to Structured Investments

Part of the Private Client Group's approach is helping clients understand diverse investment vehicles, including structured investments.
Wealth Management
tax cuts and job acts in federal building

Tax Cuts & Jobs Act 2017: How Will This Affect You?

With the passage of the Republican tax bill, let’s take a look at the noteworthy changes in simpler terms and how this bill will affect Americans.
Wealth Management
College university campus

The Calculus of Saving for College

Higher education will likely come with a high (and increasingly higher) price tag, so it makes sense to plan well in advance.
Wealth Management